#9 in Rock Chart for Framingham, MA – ReverbNation

2013-09-30 12_18_57-ReverbNation Weekly Update - Inbox - - Mozilla Thunder

Woot woot! #9 in Rock Chart for Framingham, MA – ReverbNation!! For what it’s worth, we’re number nine on the ReverbNation rock chart in Framingham, MA. What they forget to tell you was there are only ten bands in Framingham! Haha! Just kidding. I’m sure there’s more then ten bands in the biggest town in the country. I should hope so, otherwise who’s stealing all the good shows?! Ungh! Take it! We hope to see everyone this Friday at McGann’s in Boston! Full-Blooded Mutt will be performing with Sever the Drama, Hope & the Husbands and Descend Upon the Sane!! We can’t wait to rawk! RAWRRRRRR!!!!!!!! =)

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