Follow Up: Charlie Bravo’s 12-15-2012

We had an awesome show at Charlie Bravo’s last Saturday in Putnam, CT!! My most awesome girlfriend, Mellisa Honeybee, took some amazing photos of the night. Check out Full-Blooded Mutt’s image gallery here. It was a great show and we had an awesome time. We sure love playing Charlie Bravo’s! It would have been a perfect night, save for my truck’s alternator seizing and shredding my serpentine belt!

Yeah, at the end of the night at about 12:30AM, I went out to start my truck. As soon as I turned the key it made a really weird noise, then started to smell like something had burnt. Immediately after the battery light came on. I was a little worried, but I left the truck running with the heat on. While my sleepy girlfriend sat and got warm, I loaded up the truck. Then I went to leave. As soon as I pulled out my parking spot, I notice my steering wheel was about fifty pounds tougher to turn. I managed to get to another spot in the parking lot.

We examined the truck and Dylan saw that the serpentine belt was broken. I was kicking myself for not having a spare belt in my truck. At the time I didn’t know, but it wouldn’t have made a lick of difference. Thank God, Dylan had AAA Gold. They cover one hundred miles free for a tow. I have AAA standard which covers three miles free then it’s like $3 a mile or something. That would have ended up being an expensive trip, driving back fifty miles. The late trip home put as back about forty-five minutes, all in all we were lucky.  If that belt broke on the highway, it could have been a lot worse. Oh, and the tow truck driver was a riot. We had gone on ahead of him. We were talking about the truck when all of a sudden, he flies by us on the highway. We all started laughing our asses off!

The next day, my brother, Scott, brought me to CAP to get a new belt. It was pretty easy to put on, after I looped it through the fan sheathing twice. I started the car, walked to the engine, saw the belt wasn’t spinning and ran back to the key to turn my truck off. WTF! Ruh roh, I should have checked to see if all the pulleys were free before I attached the belt -whoops! My bad! So, I slackened the belt again -real easy on a Ford F-150- and checked all the pulleys. When I went to hand turn the alternator it wouldn’t budge. I used a hammer to free it up, re-hooked the belt and tried it again. Same deal, there was no spinning.

At that point it was obvious, the alternator was seizing. It was most likely a broken bearing in the alternator. So, thanks to my brother -who was also fixing his breaks in the driveway. I got another ride, this time to Autozone. The alternator set me back about $120. The core charge was about $40, but I had already removed the old alternator and brought it with me. Once I got back, it was pretty easy to slip the new alternator in. I like F-150s. There’s a lot of room in there to work, when you need to.